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About us

 I began competing in 1995, primarily as a bench-press specialist. Throughout the years, I have held numerous world, national, and state records and rankings. I've competed in APF, RPS, APA, SPF, SLP, NASA, and USPF in the 165, 181, 198, and 220 classes. I've hosted close to 30 meets. I am co-owner of a power lifting gym in Circleville, OH called Ironworx Gym. I am also a national level judge for APF and USPA. Basically, you can say I've just about done it all. Making powerlifting and workout gear was the one thing I hadn't done yet, so I set out to raise the bar on what the market had to offer. I wanted to make some improvements on the current gear while creating unique designs that met my high standards.


Essentially, I refuse to put out something that I wouldn't use myself. I want to make sure you, the lifter, get exactly what will suit you best. You won't get any up-selling from me, just a recommendation on what products will work best for you. I take pride in having the best customer service in the business. My opinion is that it's much easier to maintain a great reputation than to try and repair a damaged one. 

One of my innovations that I get the most comments about is that I use 3" wide Velcro on all my wrist wraps. No other company does this. If they start, it's because they are copying my idea. Actually, I'm responsible for all the other companies using 2" when the standard used to be 1", for those of you who go back far enough to remember. I will spare you the details of how that all happened for another day...


When you purchase Darksyde Ironwear gear, you know it's backed by 25 years of experience. This truly is a company BY a LIFTER, FOR the LIFTER. Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the platform!

Jon Elick

Owner, Darksyde Ironwear

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