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"My name is JD Marcum. I am the owner/operator of Florence Strength and Conditioning. I have been a huge fan of Darksyde Ironwear, and have supported Jon since the day we met several years ago. I chose Darksyde based on that initial conversation and haven’t regretted it. Jon is a lifter’s lifter and the products he produces are for serious lifters. Sure. You can buy the hype. But your money is best spent with Darksyde."



"This is in no way a sponsored or paid endorsement.

After years of training and competing like many lifters I sought out the best equipment not only for my safety but for carryover. From every main stream (as main stream as power-lifting equipment can be that is) to some of the smaller more niche companies I never really found a wrap that would give the correct support, respond in the manner I was seeking, and have the longevity that I could get more  than a meet or two out of them. Then a close friend and  training partner Jonathan Harder let me use his Darksyde  knee wraps... the search was over... not only did they give me  40-50 more pounds than anything else as a knee wrap...they  were damn COMFORTABLE! For me comfort is humongous especially because in power-lifting nothing else is comfortable! Thank you Darksyde and Jon Elick for providing fantastic customer service, a great product, and a better price point  and value than anybody else out there! And if you are interested in my wraps of choice..
 Squat - Diablo 3m
 Bench - Rage 36”
 -Travis H.

"American Badass wraps are hands down my favorite wrap! They are perfect for that casting effect but still retain a good amount of rebound out of the bottom of the hole. I’ve used them in multiply gear and raw. You can’t go wrong with these!"

- Nate M.


"I first used Darksyde Diablos back in Kentucky at NOTB, fresh pack straight out of the packet on meet day! They wrapped around my knees like sheet steel! I’ve used many brands of knee/wrist wraps in the past and I absolutely would not use anything else but Darksyde again"
-Leigh R.


I’m not only a lifter, competing in the best gear on the market, I’m also a proud supporter and assistant behind the scenes of Darksyde Ironwear. Jon’s enthusiasm and love for this sport has made a huge impact on new and established lifters. Darksyde is not your typical gear company. You will find Jon personally interacting with each customer, answering any questions they may have and passing on his power lifting knowledge and experience. Jon is constantly thinking of new and innovative products, always with the lifter in mind. His drive to make each lifter be the best they can be sets this company apart from any other. His gear is proven to last longer and provide more carryover than any other equipment on the market. Darksyde Ironwear should be the only choice for any serious lifter .
 ~Channin C. ~

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