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Colossus Bench Shirt Level 7

Colossus Bench Shirt Level 7


Darksyde’s revolutionary, patented design began with the Warlord, then to the Colossus, and is now available in a stronger, more aggressive version….Colossus Level 7. This is a 4-ply shirt made from an exclusive material only available from Darksyde. It’s one level stronger than the original Colossus. It features a stacked sleeve design meant to maximize tricep support while driving the force inward toward the chest. No need to alter your normal bench groove as the shirt was designed for all styles of benching.

The Colossus 7 is very stiff and is meant for experienced geared lifters. This extreme top-end shirt will take your bench to places you never thought possible. You need a big pair to take this one for a ride.

(Priority shipping is included in the price)

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