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Warlord  Bench Shirt

Warlord Bench Shirt

$425.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price

This unique, patented design will impress you from the first time you put it on. It’s unlike any other “band” shirt on the market…because you’ll actually be able to complete a good lift with this one. It sits flat on your chest and the sleeves constrict around your arms as soon as you descend with the bar. All the support is directly behind the triceps, via a stacked-sleeve design, and across the lower pec, where it should be. This 4-ply shirt also features a full Velcro-closure back and pull straps on the shoulder to make getting it on/off a breeze. Priority shipping is included in the price. Sizing is a general guideline, so contact us with specific questions/concerns

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